Photography as a part of me since 1988. …
Tied to architecture and design, photography is a part and a natural extension of my professional work. I’ve been working on architectural design more than 11 years and my aspiration is to convey through photography all the energy of the architect, artist or designer of a product in a compelling picture. You should have an attitude to what you shoot, so I always study the story and the application of my object for filming.

Impressive performance, product and catalog photography are some of the challenges that each photographer faces both for original art or commercial photography. Product photography for me is a way to look at a product through the eyes of the designer, the seller and the customer. Art and art photography are among the things I have kept for my own hobby – Experimental photography … where time and situation are more important than the available technology, picture quality and proper exposure.


The idea

Being different with your own vision and approach.
The challenge in taking pictures of buildings and sites is that they are static and they can always be filmed at different times and by different people (for example, a lot of the public buildings are used for background and recognition of tourists) but I’m always looking for that different insight and perspective with which to reflect and convey all the energy conceived and created by the architect or the designer.


When the technique is important …
Camera – Nikon FX D750 / Sony FX30. Lenses – wide-angle lens, macro, tilt-shift. Lighting – standard and portable, LED, lightning, backgrounds, light box and all of the studio lighting equipment. Additionally – fly cam, tripods, slider, drone, reflectors and diffusers unconventional equipment created depending on the situation.